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29 October 2022

EFP offers new ‘campaign builder’ social-media tool for events in 2023

Categories: Clinical Practice, Events

The “campaign builder” tool has been built on the successful tool offered early this year to promote Gum Health Day 2022, which allowed the creation of tailored social-media posts.

Two new campaign builders are now offered: for Perio Master Clinic 2023 (Antwerp, Belgium, 3-4 March), which will focus on the synergy between periodontology and orthodontics, and for International Perio Master Clinic 2023 (León, Mexico, 5-6 May), which will cover hard- and soft-tissue reconstructions around teeth and implants.

The tool allows the creation of social-media stories and posts using four languages, different slogans and colours, and a series of images — although people are free to upload their own pictures. Professional or institutional logos can also be included.

Campaigns can be built by clicking on the links below.

Perio Master Clinic Belgium

International Perio Master Clinic Mexico