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10 February 2023

EFP Perio Talks podcast on peri-implantitis

Categories:Clinical Practice, Education

EFP Perio Talks on peri-implantitis

The latest EFP Perio Talks podcast is out!

Associate Professor Antonio Liñares (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) talks to Doctor Bruno de Carvalho (Liège, Belgium) about the challenges of treating peri-implantitis.

Among other topics, Liñares discusses how to treat implant complications; when to choose non-surgical treatment over surgical intervention; combined methods of treatment; the cost benefit of different approaches; how to clean the implant surface effectively; the use of antibiotics; risk factors for patients (including genetic) and the future of peri-implantitis.

Prof. Liñares concludes: “Simple non-surgical protocols may control more than 60% of cases with peri-implantitis.”

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