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24 March 2022

EFP publishes commemorative magazine to celebrate 30 years of promoting periodontal health

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Published to coincide with the EFP’s 2022 general assembly in Vienna on 26 March, 30 years promoting periodontal health for a better life describes the evolution of the federation from its beginnings in a conversation between Ubele van der Velden (Netherlands) and Jean-Louis Giovannoli (France) in 1985 which led to a series of meetings culminating in the formal foundation of the EFP in Amsterdam on 13 December 1991.

The 42-page commemorative magazine describes the work of the 30 presidents, six secretaries general, and five treasurers who have served the EFP as it has grown from a federation of 11 European national societies of periodontology to today’s 37 societies in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. 

Written by Joanna Kamma, EFP publications editor and former EFP president (2005-06), the magazine features testimonies from people who have played key roles in the federation’s work, including David Hillam (the first secretary general, 1991-98), Iain Chapple (secretary general 2016-19), and Nicola West (secretary general since 2019) as well as Mariano Sanz (secretary general 1998-2005, chair of workshop committee 2008-2020), Maurizio Tonetti (Journal of Clinical Periodontology editor-in-chief, 2005-2021), and Moshe Goldstein (chair of postgraduate education since 2014).

The magazine describes EFP events and activities such as the EuroPerio congress, Perio Master Clinic, Perio Workshop and Gum Health Day and their importance to the professional periodontal community and to patients. It also highlights the EFP’s publications, led by the flagship Journal of Clinical Periodontology, its work in communications, and the health-educations campaigns it has launched with its partners.

“The European Federation of Periodontology celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2021 and this book sets out to record the substantial achievements of the EFP in its short but illustrious history,” writes Joanna Kamma in her author’s note in the magazine.

“The federation’s success can be attributed to the inspiration, dedication, and insight of numerous exceptional committee members and colleagues who conceived, founded, and led the EFP over the years. Many have offered bold, selfless, and unswerving leadership, generously contributing their insight, experience, time, and expertise.”

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