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3 May 2019

Guide to national activities for Gum Health Day 2019, part 2 (Ireland-Portugal)

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Guide to national activities for Gum Health Day 2019, part 2 (Ireland-Portugal)

Ireland: During March, the society sought to create awareness of Gum Health Day among professionals and the public, along with support from dental media and partner associations. This has been followed by promotion via social media, at the Dublin Dental School, and at a student seminar on oral hygiene and prevention. Brochures and toothbrushes will be handed out to patients along with a gum-health self-assessment tool.

Israel: Promotion to the general public via national radio during April and May and on social media, where the society has 10,000 Facebook followers. There will be a “Healthy gums, beautiful smile” photograph competition on Facebook as well as academic activities in Caesarea (May 16-18) focused on the new classification of periodontal and peri-implant diseases.

Italy: Articles on the society’s website aimed at the public, interviews and press release in collaboration with ANSA press agency, and activity via social media aimed at both professionals and the public.

Latvia: Lectures and free periodontal check-ups at Riga Stradiņš University (May 11), free periodontal check-ups in dental practices (May 6-12), press releases, interviews, and social-media activity.

Lebanon: Gum Health Day material promoted on website and social media, videos translated into Arabic and French, press conference, and promotion of material with local NGOs.

Lithuania: Lecture by society president at 1st Baltic Congress of Oral Hygiene in Vilnius (May 10-11), mailing to members with translated materials, press release, social media, and hoping to arrange a TV interview.

Mexico: Infographics and videos shared via social media and publish material in the two weeks leading up to May 12.

Morocco: Focus on prevention and management of “aggressive” periodontitis, as well as raising awareness among patients and dental practitioners about early diagnosis and management to improve general health, aesthetics, self-esteem and confidence. The importance of good periodontal health for better general health and wellbeing will be promoted to endocrinologists and patients affected by diabetes.

Netherlands: “Walk-in hour” for check-ups and information at dental practices and at a dental truck (May 16), plus promotion of Gum Health Day via the ETOS chain of drugstores and on TV, radio, and social media.

Norway: Gum Health Day was promoted at the National Diabetes Forum (April 2-4) during lectures on diabetes and periodontal health, and the society is co-operating with the Norwegian Dental Association by placing Gum Health Day materials on its website.

Panama: Lectures for students and patients and a talk to members of the Panamanian Dental Association.

Peru: interviews about the importance of periodontal health to public health – involving periodontists, gynaecologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, and specialists in rheumatology and geriatrics – will be posted on the society’s website and Facebook page.

Poland: Press conference, presentation of the Perio & Caries and Perio & Diabetes projects, and creation of promotional materials for patients, dentists, and other health professionals.

Portugal: Leaflets and oral hygiene kits to be handed out in various cities, scientific presentations at universities, and interviews in scientific journals. In addition, members are being encouraged to make videos, and EFP-prepared videos and infographics will be distributed via the society’s website and social media.

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