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20 September 2021

Moritz Kebschull offers EFP Perio Sessions webinar on supportive periodontal therapy

Categories:Clinical Practice, Communication, New Classification

Moritz Kebschull offers EFP Perio Sessions webinar on supportive periodontal therapy

The next EFP Perio Sessions webinar takes place on Thursday, October 7 and features Moritz Kebschull explaining supportive periodontal therapy as set out in Step 4 of the EFP’s S3-level clinical practice guideline.

Prof Kebschull (University of Birmingham, UK) will explain the 16 recommendations in the guideline on supportive periodontal care and how these can be applied in clinical practice to improve the overall quality of care and drive improved outcomes.

The webinar aims to give participants both an understanding of the guideline process and knowledge of the specific recommendations relating to supportive periodontal care and how they can be applied to everyday clinical practice.

Specific issues that will be addressed include professional mechanical plaque removal, continuous monitoring of local and systemic risk factors, the intervals between maintenance visits, and what is the endpoint of therapy in a successfully treated case of periodontitis.

This webinar completes the cycle of six Perio Sessions devoted to the clinical practice guideline.

The webinar, which takes place at 19.00 (CET), will be moderated by Spyros Vassilopoulos (University of Athens, Greece). Registration costs €35 (plus VAT). 

Moritz Kebschull is professor of restorative dentistry at the University of Birmingham in the UK. He also holds an adjunct professorship at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in New York, USA. He is co-leading the guideline processes of both the EFP and European Society for Endodontology, as well as the national adoption of the EFP’s supranational clinical practice guideline in both the UK and Germany. Moritz is a member of the EFP’s executive committee and is scheduled to become the federation’s president in 2024.