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29 September 2023

Partnerships are crucial for promoting oral health

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EFP partner newsletter 2023

The EFP sent out its annual partner newsletter on 29 September 2023. This year it focuses on behaviour change and features interviews with representatives of the EFP’s eight partners.

Collaboration between the oral health industry and dental societies is a vital component in improving oral health on a global scale.

A major advantage of collaborating with industry partners is their ability to reach a wider audience through public-facing commercials, compared to dental societies that primarily engage with dental professionals.

Monique Danser, EFP Treasurer and periodontist in The Netherlands, explains the reciprocal relationship in the latest EFP partner newsletter: "Together we share scientific knowledge and advance periodontal health. For example, at the EFP, we run impactful educational campaigns in collaboration with our partners to promote the importance of oral health. Among other projects, we have Gum Health Day on May 12th each year to increase public awareness of gum disease and its associated health problems."

The collaboration between the EFP and its partners extends to sharing scientific evidence, conducting workshops, and initiating communication campaigns. All these efforts aim to disseminate the message of oral health to a broader audience. Also, in a world where many may not be familiar with the EFP, the collaboration with industry partners plays a critical role in reaching out and making a difference, ensuring that oral health is embedded in overall well-being and accessible to all. “Our partners have communication channels and products that help promote a good oral hygiene, contributing to prevent periodontitis. Collaboration with EFP partners is essential to foster a collective effort to promote behaviour change for better oral health.”

Looking ahead, the EFP's focus is on prevention rather than treatment. Prevention is the easiest and cheapest tool in oral healthcare. Danser emphasised the importance of lifestyle changes, particularly addressing smoking and nutrition. She also highlighted the urgency of raising awareness about oral health on a global scale. The World Health Organisation's 2021 report supports the integration of oral health into general health programs, and even insurance policies, by 2030.

The EFP Partner Newsletter is an annual initiative aimed at highlighting and disseminating the most recent initiatives of its partners in various aspects of oral healthcare.

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