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3 December 2020

Perio Insight explores challenge of the `taboo' topic of halitosis

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How periodontists can tackle halitosis in their patients is the main topic addressed in the autumn issue of the EFP magazine Perio Insight.

Halitosis remains a big taboo in modern society, even though recent research has shown that it affects nearly a third of the global population. Although not all cases of halitosis are related to periodontitis, there is a clear relationship between the two diseases.

In Perio Insight issue number 14, Kavitha Seerangaiyan and Edwin Winkel, members of the International Association for Halitosis Research, explain the issues and show how periodontists can help their patients with halitosis.

The magazine also focuses on the recently launched Perio & Cardio campaign, a joint initiative of the EFP and the World Heart Foundation made possible by an unrestricted grant from Dentaid, an EFP partner.

In an interview, Spanish cardiologist Álvaro Marco del Castillo explains how periodontists and cardiologists can work better together for the benefit of their patients in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and periodontal diseases.

There is also an outline of the main elements of this latest EFP campaign, which includes recommendation documents for oral-healthcare professionals, medical professionals and pharmacists, and the public.

Another article summarises the presentations given at the EFP student symposium held in September, which focused on Treatment of Stage I-III Periodontitis – The EFP S3-level Clinical Practice Guideline, with students from the 15 universities that teach the federation’s accredited postgraduate programmes in periodontology explaining the guideline’s recommendations and how they are being applied within their faculties.

This issue of Perio Insight concludes with a round-up of research published recently in the EFP’s Journal of Clinical Periodontology. The topics covered are the use of intelligent toothbrushes, the tunnel technique with connective-tissue graft versus the coronally advanced flap with enamel matrix derivative, and three periodontitis phenotypes.

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