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12 May 2020

Soft-tissue management, sex hormones, and tissue engineering – topics of next EFP Perio Sessions 

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Soft-tissue management, sex hormones, and tissue engineering – topics of next EFP Perio Sessions 

The next EFP Perio Sessions interactive live webinars, featuring leading periodontists discussing key topics in clinical practice, have been announced.

On Thursday 21 May, Moshe Goldstein, professor of periodontology at the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel, will deliver a presentation on Soft-tissue management for immediate post-extraction implants.

Prof Goldstein, who is chair of the EFP’s postgraduate education committee, will present various possible treatment options for the proper management and augmentation of soft tissue in connection with the immediate placement of implants in extraction sites. He will emphasise the combination with regenerative therapy and will focus on the aesthetic zone.

This presentation – aimed at periodontists, oral surgeons, and general dental practitioners involved in implant dentistry – will provide participants with various tools that can be applied to create complete coverage of the surgical site in most cases of immediate post-extraction implants, especially when combined with regenerative procedures.

This webinar will be moderated by Darko Božić (Croatia) and registration is now open.

The following Thursday, 28 May, Ali Cekici will seek to answer the question Sex hormones: do they have an effect on periodontal health?

Dr Cekici, associate professor of periodontology at Istanbul University, Turkey, will show how androgens, oestrogens, and progestins are able to modulate the periodontal-tissue response. He will provide clinicians with insight about the effects of sex hormones on tissues and on periodontal treatment.

This EFP Perio Sessions webinar will be moderated by Spyridon Vasilopoulos (Greece) and clinicians can already register to participate.

On Thursday 4 June, Danae Apatzidou, assistant professor of periodontology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, will give a webinar – moderated by EFP secretary general Nicola West – on A tissue-engineered biocomplex for clinical periodontal regeneration.

Dr Apatzidou will show how the combination of tissue engineering by means of autologous alveolar bone mesenchymal stem cells, platelet concentrates, and collagen scaffolds with advanced surgical techniques constitutes a promising treatment approach in periodontal regeneration.

This webinar – aimed at general dentists, periodontal specialists, and oral surgeons – will describe novel surgical techniques and the preparation of a tissue-engineered construct (biocomplex) tailored for chairside clinical application in periodontal regeneration.

All these live webinars take place at 19:00 (CET) and recordings will later be published on the EFP Perio Sessions playlist on the EFP's YouTube channel.

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