Perio Ortho Synergy


Friday, March 3, 2023

Session 1 | Orthodontic treatment in stage IV periodontitis 
Moderator: Michele Reners (BE)
Speakers: Alcoforado Gil (PRT) 
Duo: Mariano Sanz & Martin Conchita  (ES)
Case Pitch: Andrea Roccuzzo (IT)

Session 2 | Periodontal regeneration and orthodontics 
Moderator: Wim Teughels (BE)
Speaker: Karin Jepsen (GER)
Duo: Daniele Cardarapoli & Lorena Gaveglio (IT)
Case Pitch: Antonio Liñares (ES)

Session 3 | How to deal with dental agenesis?
Moderator: Selena Toma (BE)
Speaker: Nicole Winitsky (SWE)
Duo: Amelie Mainjot & France Lambert (BE)
Case Pitch: Dick Barendregt (NL)

Session 4 | Digital tools to prevent periodontal complications in orthodontic treatment
Moderator: Veronique Christiaens (BE)
Speaker: Tali Chackartchi (IS)
Duo: Sola Christina & Homa Zadeh (USA)
Case Pitch: Maria Cadenas (BE) 

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Session 5 | The ortho-perio synergy to enhance smile esthetics
Moderator: Bruno De Carvalho (BE)
Speaker: Eric Van Dooren & Nuno Sousa Dias (BE)
Duo: Oscar Gonzalez & Belen (ES)
Case Pitch: I. Pedrinaci 

Session 6 | Muco-gingival surgery in orthodontically treated patients
Moderator: Virginie Monnet-Corti (FR)
Speaker: Natasha Lioubavina (NL)
Duo: Anton Sculean & Christos Katsaros (CH)
Case Pitch: Brenda Mertens (FR)

Session 7 | Accelerated orthodontics
Moderator: Peter Garmyn (BE)
Speaker: Gustavo Giordani (BRA)
Duo: Carole Charavet (FR) & Serge Dibart (USA)
Case Pitch: P. Nagy (HUN)

Session 8 | Inter-disciplinary management of complex cases
Moderator: Katrien Vermylen (BE)
Speaker: Ernesto Lee (USA)
Duo: Mario Roccuzzo (IT)
Case Pitch: Martin Biosse-Duplan (FR)

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