Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Lunch&Learn will take place in the congress venue as informal get-together on various tables (1 table per Lunch&Learn Speaker(s)). Delegates are able to book tickets for the respective Lunch&Learn Table during online registration. 

Ticket price: 50 EUR (Lunch boxes will be served and are included in the price)


Table 1 with A. Sculean + Ch. Katsaros
Table 2 with A. Mainjot + F. Lambert
Table 3 with N. Sousa Dias
Table 4 with T. Chackartchi
Table 5 with C. Sola + H. Zadeh
Table 6 with O. Gonzalez + B. Solano
Table 7 with M. Sanz + C. Martin
Table 8 with G. Alcoforado
Table 9 with K. Jepsen
Table 10 with D. Cardaropoli + L. Gaveglio