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22 Apr 2021

EFP Perio Sessions: Protocols and practical tips on the usage of oral antiseptics for periodontal therapy and maintenance

The role of oral antiseptics is a widely discussed topic in modern dentistry. The properties of different active principles, their advantages, disadvantages and side effects are often well known by dentists and dental hygienists, but the balance of the efficacy on the oral biofilm, side effects and the desired benefits leads to the choice of chlorhexidine, considered even now the “gold standard”. Is this still actual?

The aim of the presentation is to show and discuss the most recent concept and researches involving the role of oral antiseptics, guidelines for their clinical use in the management, therapy and maintenance of periodontal and peri implant diseases. The audience will learn about the most common side effects of chlorhexidine, strategies for preventing the lack of patient’s compliance in respecting the prescribed use of postsurgical rinses/applications, and the state of the art of the protocols involving antiseptic regimens. 

Ideal for:

  • Periodontal specialists
  • Implantologists
  • Dental Hygienists

Moderator: Filippo Graziani

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