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25 Nov 2022 - 26 Jun 2022

NVvP lustrum congress | If you can dream it, you can do it

Last year the NVvP existed 85 years! We are going to celebrate this in a grand way, with international and national renowned speakers explaining the past, present and future of periodontics and implantology. Of course, a festive accent will not be missing during this anniversary conference! Come and celebrate our anniversary at an unparalleled conference.

Top-class speakers
During the two-day conference programme, Dutch stars in periodontology shine on stage together with various celebrities from abroad. All participants can attend lectures on the history of the NVvP (Prof. Dr. U. van der Velden and Dr. J.A.H. Tromp), the relationship between oral microbiome and the host (Prof. Dr. E. Zaura), autotransplantation (Dr. D.S. Barendrecht) and peri-implantitis (Dr. A-M. Roos-Jansåker). Prof. dr. dr. M. Sanz and prof. dr. N.P. Long discussion about the future of periodontology and implantology. Extra special: Prof. dr. dr. Niklaus Lang will conclude his grandiose presentation career at our anniversary congress, an opportunity not to be missed.
In the parallel sessions, Prof. Dr. L. Trombelli, Dr. A. Guerrero, Dr. T. Hanser and Dr. W. Laureys shed light on the latest techniques for bone regeneration, aesthetic prosthetics and cryopreservation. Furthermore, Dr. W.J. Teeuw, drs. F. San Giorgi and prof. dr. G.A. van der Weijden about their experiences regarding the use of the new Periodontal Guideline and Classification (especially X-ray diagnostics). dr. M.F. Timmerman and Dr. S. Gomes discuss which paropatients benefit from parosurgery and for whom the aftercare phase is suitable. dr. G-H.E. Tjakkes talks about the risks of different gingival bio-types. The session will be concluded with the big Paro Quiz by prof. dr. D.E. Key lock. During the special interactive video session, drs. M.G. Vroom, drs. G.N.Th. de Quincey and Dr. N.V. Lioubavina-Hack share their experiences and expertise on socket regeneration and different types of muco-gingival surgery.

In short: something for everyone, from learning to doing. "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Hit the dance floor!
During the party on Friday evening, several artists and a DJ guarantee a spectacular music program. All conference participants are invited to this unique party. Don't miss this opportunity!
We sincerely hope to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the NVvP with you during this special anniversary conference and party.

Scientific program

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