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16 July 2019

EFP executive meets in Belgium to review strategy

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efp stratefy meeting

Members of the “core” executive committee of the EFP are set to gather in Belgium for a two-day meeting to review the federation’s strategy and draft a new strategic plan.

The meeting, on July 17 and 18, takes place at a hotel in the Sonian forest near Brussels and will start with a review of the implementation of the current strategic plan (2017-2021).

This will be followed by a critical review of structure, discussion of investment strategy and internal policies, and an open forum with video contributions from committee chairs.

A “brainstorming” walk in the forest will precede discussion of the new strategic plan for 2021 to 2025 and on how to ensure its implementation.

The strategy meeting will be attended by EFP president Filippo Graziani, secretary general Nicola West, treasurer Monique Danser, past president Anton Sculean, president-elect Xavier Struillou, and elected members of the executive committee Lior Shapira and Andreas Stavropoulos.

Also invited are Maurizio Tonetti, editor of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology, together with Mariano Sanz and David Herrera, the current and future chairs of the EFP workshop committee. Head of operations Sharon Legendre and European co-ordinator Monica Guinea will also attend along with the recently appointed head of communications Cândice Gasperin, who will take up her position later in the year.

“The aim of the meeting is to check the progress of the current strategic plan and to adapt and align our strategy for the next five year,” said Filippo Graziani.

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