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1 December 2016

Perio Master Clinic adopts innovative approach to scheduling where participants help shape presentations

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Perio Master Clinic adopts innovative approach to scheduling where participants help shape presentations

Next year’s EFP Perio Master Clinic 2017, “Peri-implantitis, from aetiology to treatment”, features an innovative approach to scheduling in which participants are able to influence the presentations given by the expert speakers.

When registering for the event, which takes place in Malta on March 3 and 4, participants are sent a questionnaire which asks them to indicate the questions that are most important to them. Through this feedback, speakers will be able to tailor their presentations to the specific interests of the audience.

For each Perio Master Clinic session, five specific questions are listed and registered participants are invited to indicate their first and second choices from this list.

For instance, for the session entitled “Treatment plan for advanced peri-implantitis cases", participants are asked to select from these five questions:

1. What is a “hopeless” implant that needs to be extracted and what is a “questionable” one that one might try to maintain? What are the criteria for decision?

2. When treating advanced peri-implantitis cases, when is anti-infective therapy sufficient and when is there a need for surgical intervention?

3. Is there a difference in the approach and decision-making when dealing with advanced peri-implantitis in the posterior areas versus the aesthetic zone?

4. If aiming to treat advanced cases, what would be best surgical procedure: pocket reduction or elimination, open-flap debridement, or other procedures (soft-tissue grafting, bone augmentation, etc.)?

5. What would be the optimal maintenance programme for advanced peri-implantitis cases?

So far, the first and fourth questions are the two most popular among participants who have completed the questionnaire.

For the session on the prevention of peri-implant diseases, the two most popular questions at present are: (1) What are the risk factors for peri-implant disease related to prosthetic aspects of dental implants? and (2) What are the key preventive measures to be made regarding the superstructure to maximise the longevity of dental implants and to minimise the risks of peri-implant disease?

Other sessions address the regeneration of peri-implantitis defects, soft-tissue recessions at implants, resective surgical approaches, and the question of whether the risk of peri-implant diseases can be reduced by improving soft tissues adjacent to implants.

"We are trying to ensure that attendees become real participants in this meeting," said Korkud Demirel, chairman of the organising committee.

The wide-ranging scientific programme for the EFP’s second Perio Master Clinic has been put together by scientific chairman Stefan Renvert, who added: "The important thing is the new concept which enables the participants to influence the meeting before attending."

Two-thirds of places already booked

There is a maximum of 600 participants for this and registration is handled on a “first come, first served” basis. Two-thirds of the places have already been reserved.

The EFP Perio Master Clinic takes place on March 3 and 4, 2017 in the Maltese capital city of Valletta, at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, a historic building that for two centuries was the Sacra Infermeria hospital of the Knights of Malta.

The Malta meeting is the second event of its kind, following the pioneering first Perio Master Clinic in Paris in February 2014. 

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