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10 March 2023

Submit your best research to the JCP’s 50th anniversary issue

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JCP calls for top research papers

The Journal of Clinical Periodontology (JCP), the EFP’s official publication, is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year.  To celebrate the occasion, the Journal is calling for original research papers of the highest calibre to be considered for inclusion in the anniversary issue, scheduled for December 2024.

JCP has established itself as the pre-eminent scientific publication in the field of periodontology and implant dentistry thanks to the quality of research featured in each issue. In 2021, JCP was rated the number-one journal in dentistry, oral surgery, and medicine, with an impact factor (IF) of 8.728.

“There is no better way to celebrate a top scientific journal, than by featuring the best of the best in science,” says Panos N. Papapanou editor-in-chief of JCP. “We are proud of our ranking among the leading journals in dentistry. A lot of work has gone into implementing high standards for our reviews and selection, to ensure we only publish relevant papers that will support the application of new knowledge into clinical practice. We aim to provide a platform for the exchange of scientific and clinical progress in periodontology and allied disciplines. Still, there is work to be done,” he observes.

Authors wishing to self-nominate their work for the anniversary issue must state so in their cover letter. The selection of the finalist articles will be a two-step process:  (i) accepted articles, preliminarily deemed to meet the high standards for inclusion in the anniversary issue, will be placed in a special virtual issue on the Journal’s website, where they will become immediately indexed and citable; (ii) the content of the anniversary issue will be finalised in late 2024, and the selected entries will be included in the 12thissue of volume 51. To be considered for potential inclusion, articles must be accepted by 31 October 2024.

“In addition to the anniversary volume that is carving out a place for the cream of the crop, another JCP issue to watch out for is the almost completed EFP guideline for the treatment of peri implantitis,” emphasises Papapanou. “The issue will be published this summer”.

Asked about what he most enjoys in his work as editor-in-chief of JCP, Papapanou explains that “feeling that one can help shape, to a certain extent, the evolution of our discipline is a big responsibility, but a precious one to have.” As to the challenges of the job, he says: “at the end of the day, everything is my responsibility, the buck stops with me although I work with a professional team. This requires attention to detail and searching constantly for ways to improve. For example, we are currently working on making the process of submitting papers to JCP smoother, and searching new ways to communicate about our content.”

The Journal of Clinical Periodontology was founded by the British, Dutch, French, German, Scandinavian and Swiss Societies of Periodontology in 1974. Previous editors were Hans Rudolf Mühlemann, succeeded by Jan Lindhe and Maurizio S. Tonetti. Prof. Papapanou took over in 2021. 


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