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17 March 2018

Introducing the EFP App – the smart way to keep in touch with EFP news, publications, and activities

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Introducing the EFP App – the smart way to keep in touch with EFP news, publications, and activities

The EFP has launched the EFP App, a new way to access news from the federation and other key material via smartphones and tablets.

The EFP App, launched at the EFP general assembly in Vienna on March 17, offers users the latest news from the federation, details about events such as EuroPerio9 and European Gum Health Day, and access to EFP publications Perio Insight and JCP Digest.

It also offers access to the Perio & Caries and Oral Health & Pregnancy projects that the EFP has launched with its partners, to the EFP Manifesto, and to the EFP Alumni project.

A special “app within the app” dedicated to the EuroPerio9 congress (Amsterdam, June 20-23), will be launched in May.

The EFP App has been developed by Filippo Graziani, the elected member of the EFP executive committee responsible for the implementation of the “Communications and Awareness” section of the federation’s strategic plan.

Prof Graziani worked with Mondial Congress & Events, the EFP’s professional congress organiser, and with Antonio Liñares, the junior officer of the EFP communications committee, who will be responsible for the future development of the app.

The technical side of the app was put together by Conference Compass, a Dutch company that has previously worked with Mondial and with international health organisations.

The EFP app has been created to complement the www.efp.org website and to encourage people to view material via smartphones and tablets as well as on the computer screen. It has been created in a way that is visual, intuitive, and dynamic.

The app’s modular design allows great flexibility and its content can be adapted according to the changing needs of the EFP.

In its initial phase, the app is essentially a vehicle to deliver content from the EFP website in a format that is better suited to mobile devices. Later it is planned to add material that can be viewed offline and to add interactive content and utilities that can be used by researchers and clinicians in their daily practice.

The EFP App is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from Google Play  or the Apple Store.

“This app is one of our doors to the future,” said Filippo Graziani. “It is important as a tool that we need to have to interact with as many people as possible and particularly with the younger generation.”




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