Straumann: Digital Dentistry for that award winning smile

In this interview we talk to Holger Haderer, Head of Implantology Business Unit at Straumann.

Straumann is taking several steps to improve the oral health of the public, equipping dentists with cutting-edge dental technology and tools that enable them to offer better care for their patients.

Holger Haderer is adamant that “Straumann Group believes that changing behaviour to improve oral health is essential!” So how?  “We provide training, support, and a wide range of services for dental practitioners, clinics, and laboratories worldwide” adding: “working with universities, dental practices, research institutes, networks and communities to enhance patient care standards.”

Education of the professionals is one thing, but what about the public themselves? Straumann does provide educational resources to the public which it believes has a positive effect on people having a better understanding of the benefits of good oral hygiene. As Holger Haderer explains “Together with our strategic partners like EFP, we improve access to oral care for people all over the world.  We believe in fostering training and education for the benefit of patients.”

Straumann is high tech, going digital is what it is all about, because patients are more likely to seek help if tech is involved. Research published last year called “The need for Digital Dentistry Education: A Global Evaluation of Patients’ Awareness, Attitudes and Behaviours” found that two thirds of patients would switch to a dentist using advanced technology, and 72% of patients had a positive experience when their last visit included advanced technology. So clever scanners the size of a fat pen, that can draw 3D pictures by looking inside a patient’s mouth, or promoting clear aligners that look great, reducing self-consciousness, are just a couple of examples that help persuade people that correcting malocclusions or crowded teeth is worth doing. That leads to better oral health in the decades of life following treatment, as it is easier to keep straight teeth that are not overcrowded clean. Straumann provides both appliances saying that its clear aligner is the “invisible fit that won’t quit!”

What about once someone has implants? How can they look after them better?

“There are many examples I can give” explains Holger Haderer, “but I would like to mention one that is close to my heart, the Smile Award project. In 2022 the Smile Award collected hundreds of patient testimonials, demonstrating our impact on changing patients’ lives by giving smiles back with our implants and clear aligner solutions.”

Looking to the future, innovation is key to advancing patient care and it is exciting. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and clever software are all going to play a crucial role in oral health in the years to come.

Also, developing actual physical products that help fight infection and prolong “gum life” will be important. Straumann already has a breakthrough gel that helps promote the formation of new periodontal tissue. When peri-implantitis hits, biofilm removal and surface decontamination are necessary to tackle the problem. In this field, Straumann is at the forefront through the recent acquisition of GalvoSurge Dental AG, which brought a unique implant cleaning system onto the market that effectively supports the treatment of peri-implantitis.

It seems that education is at the heart of better oral health. Straumann would heartily agree and is certainly doing its bit! Or should that be bite!