A periodontal society from a European country (according to the WHO definition of Europe) can apply for Associate Membership. To apply, these societies must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. The society should be active for a minimum of three years before application;
  2. The society should have clear, written by-laws that contain inclusion criteria for membership, board-election system, etc.
  3. The society should prove that it is the only/ the major / the most representative society of the local periodontal community in the country.
  4. The society should demonstrate that it has organised periodontal congresses with internationally renowned speakers, with a minimum of one every three years


Associate Member Societies will enjoy the following privileges:

  • Special subscription price to the JCP and other Wiley journals provided to EFP members;
  • Reduced participation fees as Associate EFP members at EuroPerio congresses and other educational events organised by the EFP, and reimbursement of expenses through the re-distribution mechanism following EuroPerio;
  • Use of the EFP “Associate Membership” logo:
  • Access to the outputs from EFP projects;
  • Access to the EFP newsletters and publications.


Once accepted, the Associate Member Society should fulfil these obligations:

  • Send one representative (active member of the board) at the annual General Assembly (GA) meeting. Failing to be represented for more than two years consecutively may lead to cancelation of the membership.
  • Pay the annual membership fees (500 euros). Failure to pay for more than two years consecutively leads to cancelation of the membership. The fee covers the registration of one representative at the GA.
  • Take active part in the activities of the EFP (promotion of the EuroPerio congresses, etc.)

After five years of consecutive participation at the General Assembly meetings and activities of the EFP, an Associate Member society may apply for Full Membership providing it meets the requirements as mentioned in the by-laws. If not accepted as a full member, the Associate Membership would normally be withdrawn after a sixth year.

The final decision of accepting the application will be taken by the EFP Executive Committee.

How to apply to become an Associate Member society

National societies seeking membership of the European Federation of Periodontology should send the EFP European co-ordinator Monica Guinea (monica@efp.org) a full report on the periodontal society and the status of periodontal practice, education, and research in their country. This report must be accompanied by a formal agreement to abide by the EFP constitution, by-laws and Code of Conduct, and an English version of their society´s constitution and by-laws.

The written report should include the following:

  • Name and legal address of the periodontal society;
  • By-laws;
  • Proof of independence from other professional societies or bodies;
  • Brief history;
  • Number of members and categories;
  • Main activities;
  • A list of all scientific and professional activities carried out in the last three years, including national congresses, conferences, etc. (if possible include brochures, programmes, etc.);
  • Periodontal practice. Describe the organisation of dental services in general and periodontal care in particular. Provide details of the provision of periodontal care in staffing and organisation in the public and the private sector. Provide figures where they are available. Describe how the profession is organised and the requirements for licensure, for recognition of specialists, etc.;
  • Periodontal education. Describe the framework of dental education in the country (number of dental schools, types of curricula, etc.). Describe how periodontal education is provided, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and how it is in approximate agreement with the EFP educational guidelines, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
  • Periodontal Research. Describe the main research activities carried out in your country in recent years with special relevance in the field of periodontology. List the scientific journals available and provide references of articles or IADR abstracts of original scientific work published in refereed journals in the English language;
  • Signed declaration of the EFP Code of Conduct.
  • Sign the declaration that the society is the official and unique periodontal society in its country.

Once this report is received, it will be presented to the Executive Committee which will invite the society to make a formal application to the General Assembly, which will take the final decision on accepting the application of the society.

Applications submission deadline: 60 days before the GA ; 10th February 2024. Documents should be submitted in the original language of the society and in English.

Applications must be sent to the EFP European Coordinator Monica Guinea (monica@efp.org)

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