The EFP is pleased to announce its Graduate Research Prize competition.

The objective of the prize is to promote graduate research in EFP approved programs.

The prize is awarded once a year in two categories i.e. Clinical Research and Preclinical/Basic Research and is open to all graduate students of EFP accredited graduate programs in Periodontology.

The research work must have been published in print between January and December of year preceding the presentation of the prize in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology or in another English-language international peer reviewed scientific journal. In addition, the graduate student must be first author or second author.  In the case of second authorship – the role of the student as PI needs to be justified by the principal investigator, by stating exactly what their contribution was to the work.  The research should have been performed substantially in the country where the student followed the Postgraduate program in Periodontology.

The study should be performed by the postgraduate student as part of the requirements of the postgraduate program. If the study was performed by the student after completion of the postgraduate program (for example as part of a subsequent PhD program), the paper cannot be considered for the competition. The paper should be published during the training period or maximum 3 years after graduation. The candidate has to submit a statement letter signed by the senior/principal investigator confirming that the manuscript fulfils all these requirements.

Both clinical research papers as well as preclinical/basic research papers are accepted and will compete in separate categories. A first and a second prize is awarded for each category. The Judging panel will decide each year whether the prize will be awarded in one or both categories, depending on the nature and quality of submissions received. In a situation where only one category is considered for the prize, a third prize may additionally be awarded in that category.

Original research articles should be sent by email to the EFP European Co-ordinator Mónica Guinea (Login to see the email address).

Deadline for manuscript submission is January 5th.

The winner will receive a monetary prize award of 1.000 € for the 1st prize, 750 € for the 2nd prize and 500 € for the 3rd prize, together with a certificate of award.

Evaluation Criteria

1. The significance for periodontology

  • Clinical implications
  • Applicability
  • Understanding mechanisms

2. Innovative character

  • Originality of the hypothesis
  • Implications for changes of thoughts in periodontology

3. Scientific quality

  • Clear hypothesis
  • Experimental design
  • Data quality
  • Statistical methodology

4. Quality of the paper

  • Readability
  • Adequacy of introduction and discussion
  • Language use
  • Clear conclusions

A score from 1 to 5 may be given to each of the four quality areas.

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